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Thailand Road Trip Day05

December 28, 2012

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Actually it's our 3rd DAY in KRABI and 5th day since we left AMPANG, KL... if you guys wan to know.

Both of us love cycling so much, it would NOT be complete if there's NO cycling in KRABI right. So, we found a very good day-tour company that can help us with that. The activity started a little bit outskirts from KRABI. Again we waited for VAN to took us there. Since, we put all of our bicycle gear inside the car (helmet & gloove) we just bring them along. :)

Mr. fish got dried. :P

I wish I bring my bike along... but they provided very decent bike for you to cycle with. :) most of them TREKs. The good thing about this trip is there will be a support vehicle if you don't feel like cycle along the way... or suddenly you got sick or didn't have the stamina to do it... but the downside from that, they will go to any single track or technical terrain that most MTB rider are looking for. Since, all members may NOT an avid rider or have a different level of stamina... support vehicle seems to be right. :) If you dream to have that kind of adventure... I have the guide numbers and he can bring you to see DINOSAURS!... nah riders... pack your bags.. load your bike and drive to KRABI and experience yourselves. :)

I like the tour very much despite we ride mildly towards waterfall... the guide give a talk about the plantation and terrain the history and everything. It's like being in a safari + museum with a friendly narrator. :) if you ever wondering what is it felt like cycling here... it's like cycling in PLENTONG during dry season. Sometimes flat sometimes hilly... and sometimes you need to cycle on a HOT open track.

Kesian isteri saya kayuh panas... tapi dia tak sentuh pun itu support vehicle. Sangat2 proud pada itu orang.
Even though it was a VERY HOT day... riding along southern thai people villages always intrigues me. Not only thai people villages, any villages will always intrigues me... hehehe... everyone on the journey set their mind towards HUAI WATERFALLS out last pit stop... some of us quit cycle and sit in the comfortable support vehicle. But wifey keep on going regardless all the tortured... climb + HOT day. I really2 proud of her... I really2 do.

Aishh... paham aku kan. :P
After a couple of hours cycle we arrived at KHAO PHANOMBENCHA National Park. You're NOT allowed to bring your bike to the waterfall. The national park is properly manage and the entrance was huge... you could find mostly anything you need here. Camp... rangers... but it is quite here. Less tourist.

Most of us went straight towards HUAI waterfall. Taking a plunge would be the ultimate thing to do after cycle for hours under the blazing heat sun.

Huay Waterfall

Taking pictures before heading back to our VAN.
Tired, sunbrun... sore leg... headache... backache... day well spent. hahaha...

Do you know there're 80% ~ 90% muslims in KRABI. HALAL food is NOT an issue. :)

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