Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thailand Road Trip Day04

December 27, 2012

We do everything steady in KRABI. One activity per DAY. :) today me and wifey decided to do KAYAKING... they have plenty KAYAKING activity here in KRABI. One towards RAILAY, AO THALANE and BOR THOR they have great scenic sea KAYAK adventure. Most of our adventure being was arrange by a day-travel agency below our hostel/hotel. :)

A tuk tuk took us from KRABI towards AO THALANE with other guest... less than an hour I guess. :P the journey took us out from KRABI main center... passing by limestone towards AO THALANE.

The jetty
KRABI is famous for its limestone casting out from the sea. If you been to HALONG BAY in VIETNAM the scenery is a little bit similar. At first we paddle out to an open sea towards a mongrove forest. The water have less current to fight with... so, if you're a beginner it should be a problem. And everybody in the team took care of each other. An it was a very HOT day... :P

Itu dia isteri saye
We paddle fast behind the guide before enter the mongrove... hehehe so maybe if we are tired, we can eat/drink while waiting for others. hahaha. The first leg of the tour was paddling through narrow mongrove trees. Once in a while you'll be paddling beside a limestones as high as your eyes can see. The only animal that we accounter was the good old MONKEY. I'm hoping to see crocs, but realizing you're few inches from the water and your wife are with it;s NOT a good idea. :P hahaha

Previously this is a crocodile nest. :P
Before we go out to the open sea, the tour going trough a really high limestone felt like you are paddling down a gorge. It's a surreal feeling. It was really2 beautiful.

It took us around 3~4 hours to complete the course. We're really fight the current while at the open sea... struggling towards the jetty. Funny it became a race towards jetty amongst the guest... hahaha at least I did. Paddling hard to get to the jetty first. Ended up 2nd... duh. :P but we tried our best..

The tuk tuk took us back to KRABI main center... and we walk along the beach towards food stall for LUNCH. It is KRABI street food at its best!... large portion, delicious and most importantly CHEAP... hehe..

We get back  and spend the rest of the sunlight at our hotel. My arms are killing me... :P hehehe
Then at night we caught ourselves looking for a decent REGGAE bar. :) 

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