Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thailand Road Trip Day02

December 25, 2012 | 9:00pm

The Hotel
AIN is NOT feeling well today. So, I decided to stay in HATYAI another day. Need to make sure she feeling well before continue the journey. Ao Nang Mueang is 4 hours drive from HATYAI (taken from the google maps) we'll need the energy to pursue the journey. 

I consecutively going to 7ELEVEN for smoke and buying food during her rest. Luckily she recover afternoon... having shrimps tomyam noodle cup... rest and go walking around the streets. Again having our late lunch at on of the muslim restaurant... simple with tasty food. 

Wondering around the markets and ended up buying 9 palazzo pants for RM120. :) awesome.. then a tie dye shirt and mc hammer pants :P. hehehe... then we return to our hotel.

RM120 for 9... :P
Later when it's was dark... we went out again buying some street stall food and went back again. 

That's all for the day... :)
Tomorrow Ao Nang Mueang... hehehe

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