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Thailand Road Trip Day06 & 07.

December 29, 2012 | Saturday

I think, I've wrongly arrange our day tour. Supposed setting up the up the unpopular tour during weekends and the popular ones during weekdays. Nah... done this before, but trying to get the most outstanding travel experience for wifey...

Today we took speed boat towards the beautiful island. Most people visit KRABI and PHUKET will do the same. I can say it's the most popular tour at KRABI. See the scenic limestone island, crystal clear water, tropical fish and corals (personally I prefer PULAU PERHENTIAN/PERHENTIAN ISLAND)...

There's lots and lots of people around. But as always I'll find and excuse to do what I do best... observing people. ;) and this time I'm NOT doing it alone. I'm traveling with my wife... I have someone to talk too.

Our rides around PHI PHI ISLANDs
Since, the price of having a normal boat and speed boat NOT that much a different. We took the fastest one... hehe. FAST = MORE ISLAND... maybe. Quarter from our boat passenger are occupied by indonesian graduate student from BANDUNG, Indonesia. It is nice to know that they backpacking all around SEA heading back to KL the next day and fly back to Indonesia. I wish during my early days backpacking I have lots of friends tag along and having the same interest. :P It looks pretty fun...

Bamboo Island
Our first stop is the Bamboo Island. Clear crystal blue water... white sandy beaches and LOTS OF PEOPLE!... hahahaha... it's hard to point your lens trying to portray barren beach with NO people inside. There's always people in every corner. :P nothing much to do here... me and wifey just walk along the beach... observing people. :P

Then we heading to MAYA BEACH. Ever remember the beautiful scenery in LEONARDO DiCAPRIO THE BEACH Movie... yes.. actually this is a man made heaven. They carefully planting all the trees and make route towards the small beach between a limestone carst. Nowadays, there's only sand... :(

I think most Island hew in PHI PHI LEH is under Thailand National park management. 
My previous experience here... there's small beach coming from that hole
The gem of MAYA BAY... the clear water... 
 I know what I need to do here in MAYA BAY... taking lots and lots of pictures. Since, wifey want to rest and hangout at the boat. I run towards the little beach for a snap or two or more... again there's a lots of people around.

The tour at MAYA BAY ended less than an hour. Then we headed for lunch at PHI PHI DON... I believe the biggest Island among all PHI PHI Islands. Then there's a snorkeling activities... jumping from the speed boats. Corals and fishes...

We headed back to KRABI burn out and tired. At night we just packed most of our things for a long drive towards MALAYSIA on SUNDAY and sleep early.

Going back to KRABI
December 30, 2012 | Sunday

We started our journey almost afternoon. Heading straight towards HATYAI... the drive was very pleasant. With a little rain and less vehicles. Arrived in HATYAI 6 hours later... having our lunch and decided to drive straight towards BUKTI KAYU HITAM... by the time we reached there it was 7pm.

Going out from THAILAND is straight fowards. We need to declare our the car and return the documents and before we know it... we're in MALAYSIA border. :)

It has been more than 9 hours drive... both of us are worn out. So, I decided to stop at TAIPING R&R hotel and call it a day...

So there you have it... the overall journey of our SOUTHERN THAILAND ROAD TRIP... if you have the time & money try to do the same thing... and share your experience.

Thanks for reading my blog
Happy travel. :)

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