Monday, March 30, 2015

Bangkok Road Trip

Hi All.
Sorry for NOT updating. But, I don't have any interesting contents to share... :P yeah..
Just recently I just come back from Bangkok... driving with 3 month old infant... my son. It's interesting, challenging and intriguing at the same time. Everyday is a discovery, a learning curve as parents, a traveler and new unfamiliar asphalt/road/junctions... rules.

My excursions was based on paper MAPS (no GPS) and rigorous study on roads especially Bangkok on Google Maps prior before road trip begins. On my next post I will lay down every cost and distance, places and experience. Travel period between 11.March until 19.March. We spend around RM3K++ for petrol, logging and meals (including little trinkets and female pants. :P ). No more hostels for us since little NYJAH was brought into this world. From time to time, as a parents we will try our best to give our little NYJAH the best travel experience he will have. And of course learn A lot from it.

Well that's all for now... I'll continue when time permits. Hopefully by the end of next week everything will be here. :)


Malvina Marcum said...

Nice Blog and awesome Trip. Best Of luck.

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