Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two Thousand Fifteen

Plague Of Happiness 2015 team
Happy New Year!
I would like to express my gratitude to all of you readers who still keep on opening my blog even though I haven't updated for a while (not sure if my grammar is alright :P). Starting my 2015 post, still with my English writings insecurities... well for sure that's my goal this year. Writing good English. 

Talking about Plague Of Happiness.
By the end of 2014, the band already starts the studio works for our second album. Managed to complete tracking for drums, bass lines and most of guitar works. As usual since our work on USELESS ENEMY and HASRAT, the band starting offs with the standard drum tracks and followed by guitar tracks. Not sure the norm, usually bands will put bass track second... however, playing guitar in punk/rock bands you tent to pound the guitar a little bit harder. Avoiding DETUNING along the process. You might wondering where I get this, well it was in RANCID INDESTRUCTIBLE recording DVDs by BRETT GURAWITZ at SKYWALKER RANCH. We happily follow the process. Now left the HORNS tracking, a little guitar fill in, vocals and miscellaneous instruments.

Trying to make a video snippets out of the process, but haven't got the time to edit yet. 50% of the lyrics need to be rewrite and I guess with a new mix styles. We manage to have 14 songs plus with a cover songs, currently still waiting for approval from the band record label.

What to expect? we tend to have few experimental songs crossing between metal and hard rock with horns and reggae. A little bit more SKANK driven songs for those who love to dance their ass offs. Not forgetting the standard SKA PUNK songs like we do on our previous KAWAN and RESAH AWAN. Not forgetting the recent FEBUARI. There're few crossing genres songs, hopefully it turns out well.

So far there's no plans to put songs in video yet, so far the band already have FEBUARI in YOUTUBE since first quarter of 2014. Next thing for sure, the band will kick offs the 2nd album with a mini tour with other NYARING bands starting at the end of FEBRUARY.

Enough about Plague Of Happiness.
Travels plan. So, far I've been planning to have a 2 weeks THAILAND road trip this coming March. Me and my wife are blessed with a new born end of last year. I think this is the time we train our baby to our world. I always think that traveling will always be the best way to teach yourself and others to be more open minded person, respect to human and environment and to adapt with various cultures around world. Hoping someday, when my son grew up... he have the same passion and share his experience to others. Building a bridge between ever increasing gap between peoples because people nowadays are lazy to learn about each other. Judging and mocking others right on the spot before learning the background of any situation. Hoping someday my son will learn a lot about life.

Emei Shan (Emei Mountain) in January 2014
Gear updates.
I need to put on hold on building my ES330 and amp head. Hopefully, before JUNE the building up process will continue. I've already buy the tuner and titanium bridge... well hoping everything settles then.
Gibson ES330
Marshall JCM2000 TSL
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

I've been using both amps more than 5 years each. Took them on tour, using them to record Plague Of Happiness materials since 2005. Based on my experience both amps are road worthy, however Marshall foot switch cable tends to worn out easily. 

In term of consumables item and maintenance, MESA tens to be more expensive then Marshall. Right after our second appearance in Rock The World in 2013, MESA fail on me after approximate 5 years of rigger usage. 

So, what's next... I'm planning to scale down to one channel amp and play around with effect pedals. I believe one channel amp are much more easy to maintain and consumables like tube and parts are much more cheaper.  Both previous amps having 3 channel... after more than 10 years I realize it's too complicated. :P hahaha

In term of sounds... I think I'm a little bit of a Marshall guy. Brown old school sound is something that I look for. In our recent recording project, I used FID (The Full Pledge Munkees) rig/JCM800 to lay down my guitar tracks. Frankly, I'm down with the sound... I'm Into it.

So, Marshall please send me one JCM800 2203 reissue please. :) hehehe

Marshall JCM800 2203 reissue

Last but not lease... the Obsession towards BMW R GS 1200 LC continues. :P
While entering CHINA with personal vehicle is still questionable, even though somebody have done it... I kind a fond about INDIA-MYANMAR opening their borders for tourist to cross. It sounds intimidating, but dodging your vehicle crossing from THAILAND to INDIA via MYANMAR sounds good to me. Northern East INDIA like DARJEELING should be one of the best riding itinerary to be recon with.

But for now.

Having a motorcycle itself is an adventure for me.


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