Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Highland to East Coast

Expecting someone special in early January 2015.
So much about preparation, covers his/hers insurance medical last two weeks, pretty excited and intimidated altogether. But I'm pretty optimistic... for being a good father. But before that... we will try our best to spend time as much as we can as a couple.

Since we do our weekend gateway last October with the new bimmer (Husky), we thought why not having another roadtrip together... again. I think it's the right time before Ain entering the third trimester. 

distance calculation from google maps
Road tripping is my thing back in the days... I guess, most of my roadtrip around peninsular Malaysia were like... driving towards Kota Bharu from Johor Bharu in the first day, then drive towards Sg. Petani meeting friends and spend a couple of days in Penang before heading back to Johor Bharu on the 5th or 6th day... I have done it more than 20 times, and 80% of the trip I do it alone. All this while I've done it with my trusted FortySix and once with Ain Swift back in 2013.

We going to start our journey from KL towards Berinchang on our first day... spend out time there for two days then continue our journey towards Kelantan. Headed to Tok Bali and again spend our time there for tow days. We might venture towards tumpat on our first morning at Tok Bali... or maybe some places nearby. 

So on our last we will drive by the seaside until Berserah Beach to visit a friend. Tentatively we plan to arrive back in KL on the same day.

Hopefully the weather are on our side... 
Mr. FortySix and Me... (Teluk Bahang, Penang)

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