Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Perak Weekend Gateway

(A) KL - (B) Teluk Intan - (C) Damai Laut (Lumut)
Ain gets her dream car... the first thing struck to my mind is road trip. :P hahaha... (orang lain punya kereta aku yang sibuk) A week after we collect the car... we drove towards Damai Laut for the weekend. Why Teluk Intan? after all my traveling adventure... I never see the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan in my life. Infact, I've mistakenly search for it at Taiping, Perak in 2005... :P hahahaha...

And why not extend the journey towards lumut... we don't have time to visit Pangkor Island, we just spend our weekend at Damai Laut.

leaning Tower of Teluk Intan
Sheepy hanging out at the description ;)
Kudos to Teluk Intan township management, I found that the monument surroundings are clean, lots of food stalls, restaurants and tots of parking spaces. Visitors can just park their car near the tower... less traffic because most of the road are one way. I think it's ideal for small town with tourist attraction.
View of the small town from the tower
Steep stairs to the top
The tower actually was a water tank when it was made in 1885... however, it no longer used to store water. Because its uniqueness, it was preserve for younger generation. The architecture and design are similar with Chinese pagoda and the building are slated leftward similar to the famous Pisa of Italy.

The tower looks like having a 8 floor building but actually it was divided into 3... currently you can climb up until the 2 floor. From 2nd floor there's small steep stairs upward. The door was locked, but I manage to climb upwards anyway. When you reach at the top of the building, you'll need to move around under small planks and narrow pathways. You can't go up further as because of the water tank. Well, I just want to confirm the water tank is still there... :)

Cables from the top to fetches things from below... I guess.

After visited the tower, we walk around shops nearby. We continue our journey towards Lumut after having a delicious Chicken Rice near the tower.

The road condition from Teluk Intan towards Lumut is fairly good. Sometimes you'll stumble upon a uneven asphalt, cracked and sometimes a small hole. Drive slow, despite the grimy road condition the countryside was amazing... enjoy and observe.

Distance from (A) Lumut to (B) Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa approx. 28km.
Once, we arrived at the junction towards Lumut... we drove straight to our accommodation. The resort is quite far from Lumut, its about 15 to 20 minutes drive.

Late afternoon, we venture towards Lumut... unlucky, by the time we reached there it was pouring rain. I think we spent not more than an hour before headed back to our resorts. Making a quick stop for dinner and spending most of our time watching hotel movies.

Swiss-Garden seaside restaurant
On the next day, we woke up early and stroll along the beach. The resort is bless with private beaches... but you'll need to climb down long steep stairs. It's pretty quiet down here, the beach overlooking Pangkor Island... I never thought the Island is so near from this side. It looks like you can swim to go there.

Then, we have our complementary breakfast before heading back to our room.

We started our journey back to Kuala Lumpur around 11am... having a lunch stop before entering the highway.

Well that summarized our weekend gateway... I'm looking forward for a longer road trip near future.

East coast?

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