Monday, September 8, 2014

[Day10] Emei Shan

yes.., again an early morning. We tried to get the first bus from Baoguo to Leidongpin Bus station... I've this crazy idea going up the summit and hiking down towards Baoguo in the same day. But, it was unrealistic at the moment. So, we headed to Leidongpin... hike towards Jieyin Hall and took cable car towards the summit.

Leidongpin Bus Station

It took about 2 hours towards Leidongpin Bus Station with a toilet stop in the middle. The first 30 minutes bus ride was amazing. We're entering mountains, ridges and small rivers. As the bus stroll along the winding road, the landscape became white... snow that is. Anxiously worried about the slippery roads. You can see asphalt covers with ice... you can felt sometimes the bus seems like sliding or washing from its path. However, I guess the driver are kind a used to it... we arrived at Leidongpin intact and safe. fuhhh.

The bus station asphalt entirely cover with ice... it was difficult to walk on to. Slowly we stroll towards hiking starting point (actually a stairs cover with ice) that lead us to Jieyin Hall. I forget how long does it takes to reach the cable car station, but the stretch is only 1.5km.

OTW towards Jieyin Hall
The hike was super slippery, the mountain was entirely covered with snow... You'll find locals selling mini crampons, fruits and food along the way. We didn't bother to rent or buy any of those, our main focus now is the summit. Surviving on our trusted shoes...

OTW towards the Golden Summit
When we exit the cable car, this golden summit merely looks like a ski resort. :P 

The more higher we go, the warmer it gets... and its getting brighter too. We came across a huge stairs and a huge Samantabhadra Statue on top of the hill. Unlike Guanyin Statue at Nanzhao Fengqin Island of Er Hai, Samantabhadra sit on top of 4 huge elephant... and have a bunch of elephant around him (sorry this is my first time... hahaha)... the statue was painted in gold color... Maybe that's the reason why they called it the Golden Summit. 

We wonder around the temples and monastery... took few pictures and start to descent back down.

Samantabhadra Statue
The view up here is breath taking... the sites actually above the clouds. Its like an endless stretch of white cotton as far as your eyes could endure. It was breath taking...

It took us around 4 hours to be here... the bus ride... hiking then cable car... then hike again... does it worth it. Hmmm well... for me if I could hike down towards Baoguo would be nice... however, we don't have that much time to do that. I'm just lucky enough to be able to experience this.

Then our next stop Wannian temple. We descent back towards Leidongpin Bus Station... however, along the way we decided to return back to Baoguo because it was end of the day... plus we're worn out and super hungry. :P

Emei Shan Map
Again, we spend our night at Baoguo Temple and play with the huge bell. :) as the day getting colder and colder... we return back to our hostel and called it a day.

tomorrow we continue our journey towards the big city of CHENGDU,

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