Sunday, September 7, 2014

[Day9] Leshan Grand Buddha

Paddy Field sunrise.
We have a really good rest on the train. Today going to be hectic, we need to check in and headed towards Leshan to visit the Grand Buddha. 

I believe it was minus zero degree at Emei today. We need to wear our jacket and gloves to stand this frigid weather. It's my first visit to Emei, excited and ready to explore. 

As soon as we exit the train station, we took taxi towards our hostel at Baoguo Village. We arrived at our quirky but cute hostel called Teddy Bear. Took a quick shower then we headed towards the bus station for Leshan.

It took about an hour to reach Leshan, again we took taxi towards Leshan Grand Buddha sites. you guys might realise that we took a lot of taxis instead of buses. Well, that's the advantages of traveling in a group, especially in a group of four. Just nice to spread the traveling cost and it's much more faster. An I think is the ideal way of traveling around cities that doesn't have metros and if you have little time to spend on the road. But, don't caught up in the traffic... well usually small city = no metro/city train = less traffic. :)

We haven't get the chance to have a proper meal since we reach Emei. Before we visit the Grand Buddha... we stacking up in a plush restaurant for a big lunch. Our most expensive lunch on our journey... two bowl of fish and a vege cost around RM100. I think we deserve it... but so far nothing can top our dinner at Panee Seafood at Khao San Alley in Bangkok. No not yet...

i didn't realise Leshan Grand Buddha park was huge. After our lunch,  it took us about 30 minutes walk towards the entrance. and I think more than an hour hike to reach the grand buddha. However, we're contemplating a great view along the way. If you're plan to visit, bring a lot of water... to hydrate.

Leshan Grand Buddha is the largest Buddha Sculpture in the world. Stated around 71 meters tall and was made during Tang Dynasty. It was located at south sichuan province and it lies where Dadu river and Qingyi rive meets.

This guy is pretty huge. It took quite amount of time to hike down the steep stairs, with quite amount of visitors. The other way to view this huge statue is by the river. However, walking and hike towards this sculpture is enough for me. The park surroundings is interesting too.

group picture. :) don't get fooled by the bright sunlight... it was minus zero.
Then after the massive Grand Buddha, we hike up towards Wuyou Temple. Along the way, we hover around the Fishing Village. It was pretty quite around here, it felt like we're back in time. After all these years, all the buildings seems to survive. The local claim, they still use the village as a fish market. They're small souvenir stalls here, but not too much. Along the village there's small restaurant selling fresh water fish... i guess the village will be alive early in the morning. It almost the end of day...

Then we found the entrance towards Wuyou Temple. We need to hike up small stairs to see it. Dura and Ain decline to called it a day. It's getting dark, but me and famy end up hiking up anyway. We manage to get the sunrise in action from the temple. Well the sunrise not that epic, but the view overlooking the river was great.

Then we rush hiking back down. But, unfortunately we took the wrong stairs... hahaha.. ended up in an old small residential area. Slightly panic, but we manage to regroup with ain and dura after a long walk. Kindly the local call a van to be shared with other Chinese traveler to return back to Baoguo village. Cramp in a small van... we're lucky we're back in our hostel an hour later.

After having our dinner in the hostel, and ain took her good well rest. Me, dura and famy took a night stroll towards Baoguo Temple bell... it was a quite weekend. But, clearly this is a gateway for local to spend their weekends. They're few lavish restaurant and resorts around.

Having enough freezing evening, we heading back to our hostel for tomorrow. The reason we stay here in Baoguo is... EMEI SHAN (Emei Mountain).

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