Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Day11] Chengdu

I'm a morning person. 
When I'm travel, my normal day-to-day to do list is to get up early. Whenever you're in a city or villages or some remote area... there're always something interesting happened. I would like to called early morning rush as an art... different places have different kind of style. :)

Baoguo village, having the title as a tourist attraction... their weekdays morning are a pretty quiet. Yesterday were pretty hectic... today the other way round.

Baoguo Temple Bell
I didn't get the chance to took proper photo of the bell on our previous night outings. So, decided to walk towards this monument and spend a couple of minutes. It was freezing and quiet... ring the bell a couple of times just for fun. Hopefully I didn't wake everybody... especially the monk.. haven't seen one, but I guess they rest up there in the monastery or temple.

Teddy Bear
When the sun nearly up... I walk back to our hostel and woke Ain. Get ready to our short bus ride towards Chengdu... our last city/place before heading back to Malaysia.

Baoguo Bus Station
Baoguo and Chengdu is less than 200km... the bus journey took about 3 hours to reach Chengdu with one toilet/restroom stop.

The 3 hours trip was immensely scenic. A vast vegetable fields, villages... streams. The scene changes from loose villages to dense populated area when we approaching Chengdu... obviously. :P

I love countryside, villages... I think its more vibrant, more colorful and peaceful. I think China have it all... beautiful countryside and villages.

We arrived in Chengdu at the afternoon. Bravely walking quite a distance, trying to search for our hostel. But after an hour we quit and took taxi. As soon as we check-in, we have our lunch and hang around update photos and videos we took along our journey. Tomorrow is our last day in China... need to sort out our luggage and bags for the airport.

In the evening, me & famy follow dura looking for a famous Muslim restaurant... we found it and ate beef stew with a little rice. We ended up walking towards Tianfu Square where the Mao Zedong statues lies.

Sad, it was nearly the end of our travel venture... but we have responsibility and work at home. Hopefully, I get the chance to travel with these guys again in the future. :)

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