Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Day6] Waterfalls & Horses

There's a lot of things to do just for a day. We woke up quite early to catch transport towards Cang Shan National park. From the new information given, the chairlift at the end of the 12km Cloud Pass (Jade Roo pathway) is NOT working anymore. So, no more hiking towards the cliff, gorges or crags... however, the Qingbi Stream sound intriguing.

We arrived at the Nature Reserve office for tickets and at the same time consume the beautiful panoramic view of ErHai for afar. I can believe, I letting my feet here again for the second time. There's a lot of changes in a 3 years gap. 

Weekdays is the ideal get around time here in China. Not very much people around... I remember only us waiting for the cable car to arrived. No queuing, no rush... most of the cable car passing by is empty. 

It's beautiful up here during winter. You'll patches of snow everywhere... on the grass and on the pathway. The sound of the water rushing down the stream is so tranquil and calm. Maybe in the summer there's going to be waterfalls to the jade color pond at the Qingbi Stream.

Qingbi Stream
After that I climb up higher to the Jade Roo Pathway OR Cloud Path... just to bring back those memories when I'm traveling alone here at 2010. The 12km road towards the chair lift is closed. So, we continue our hike toward on the opposite route. They're platform overlook the some gorges of Cang Shan... the view was exhilarating.
Then we took our way back with the cable car. Having our lunch near the hostel, rest for a few minutes and off we go for another adventure. 

Luckily we don't need to walk through the Cloud pathway... otherwise we don't have the chances to do the horseback ride through one of the trail towards tea plantation. 

Dura and his horsie. :P
Unfortunately, before we started off Ain was kicked by one of the horses. Her ankle swollen like hell, but she brave enough to continue the adventure. 

Sadly to say that, there was a lot of construction at the foot of the hill compare to my previous ventures. They're constructing residential area... a nice one I think, since the view from here is spectacular. Oversea ErHai on the front and Cang Mountain at the back. It was an unpleasant sights for me, however, who am I to judge. Maybe DALI people need this.

The horseback riding continue it's journey until we reach tea plantation. 

Erhai Lake
Tight up our horses, and continue walk up hill. Apart from the construction that we passes by, the tea plantation experience was very nice. We took our tea (off course) and rest overlook the massive ErHai. Famy even took a quick nap before we hike towards a small waterfall. 

Dali Ancient City
As usual we're worn out after all the activities. Since we didn't get enough of the ancient city when we arrived late night yesterday. We took the extra time wonder about the west gate and took few pictures. Including the one below... called 'Dura Alone In The Streets' hahaha. :P

Dali Ancient City
Tomorrow will be ErHai lake.

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