Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cycling from UK to Malaysia

World adventure...
Cycling from UK to Malaysia in 17 months... what!
It's going to be sick and cool altogether. Congratulation guys... I wish I could do the same. However, the journey is far beyond normal expectation. The guys will be enduring relentless challenge upon challenge...

So readers please lend a hand. They need support morally and financially... check out their website at SICK SIDERS MALAYSIA. Or click at their link stated in my blog...

Or... email adib & azrulhan at

Or contact them at
+60182384959 (Adib)
+60127764297 (Azrulhan)

Or fax them at
+6073878518 (FAX)

Or any of links below

Visit them... talk to them... cheer their braveness 
not forgetting pray for their safety and success... 

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