Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Day7] Ear Shape Lake

Cang Shan (Cang Mountain)
It's amazingly beautiful mountain from a far. It's just like being struck out from a plain land, you have a huge mountain and a beautiful landscape. Dali is amazingly scenic, the wall, ancient city, mountains and lake just right there in front of you to discover and explore.

Today activity is about ferry ride, island hoping and enjoying the fresh lake air. Minutes after we boarding the ferry, we going to the top deck and enjoying the scenery. 

Putuo Island
Cormorant flying as its accompanied the ferry along the way. These Cormorant once are trained by the 'Bai' people to catch fish and return the  fish to the fishmongers. It's very popular, however we never seen these famous fishing method while we're here. 

Then, the ferry stop at Putuo Island. It's a small fisherman Island with a temple. Everybody in the ferry, took this chances to wonder and buy some cheap food in the small market. It's hectic for a small place, we just wonder around and try to take good pictures.

Putuo Island
Then the ferry, took off and headed to Lanzhou Island.
The 2nd Island is more touristy feel like. Proper guestroom, a monument... you'll find the legend Mother Shayi.. and Guanyin Statue like we have at Kek Lok Si in Penang. 

Then the ferry return to shore.
We get a taxi towards our hostel, get out late lunch and wonder around the Ancient Wall until dark. 

Dali Ancient Wall
We completed the day with a hot chocolate at the hostel and sleep early. Because tomorrow going to be a long journey towards Emei, Sichuan.

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