Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Day5] Kunming

Again... morning rush. 
This time towards Don Meuang Airport... catch our flight towards Kunming, Yunnan, CHINA. Started our day early so we didn't stuck at the Bangkok rush hour traffic. As soon as we arrived at Don Meuang, check in our bags change, our remaining thai bath and a quick breakfast.

Airport always have a good vibe on me. Whether I'm going somewhere, pickup somebody or send someone. The feeling of going to places always intrigue me. 

Our departure to Kunming is around 8am. However, the flight was slightly delayed causing our arrival an hour late then schedule. 

Kunming Changshui International Airport is huge... it seems like we are the only traveler picking up baggage at the conveyor. The immigration and custom is pretty straight forward. Yeah... Kunming.. It's dusty, freezing December. 
Last Kunming visit I spend most of my time at dusk, arriving from Chengdu by train then catching the first bus towards DALI... then 5 days after that at night, rushing towards Kunming Changsui International Airport from a massive traffic jam from DALI. It's NOT amusing... :P However, this time was different. Arriving in Kunming at the afternoon giving me time to experience a little about Kunming. 

Like every CITY in the world, Kunming is vast and busy. There's tall building everywhere, traffic is intense. There's a massive array of flyovers crossing each other when we approaching the city. The dry winter season giving Kunming that dusty dirty look. Beautiful city people crammed the city for an afternoon rush hour... LUNCH.

As soon as we arrived at the train station. We booked our 3rd January journey to EMEI... then have a lunch at the nearby Muslim restaurant. Instantly the egg and tomato became my staple dish along our journey until we reached Chengdu. :)

The good thing traveling in a group is that you can always share your transportation cost, especially in the city. Back in the old days, when I'm traveling alone or with another person... taxi is our last mode of transportation. Getting to the bus station was easy... getting the tickets towards DALI is pretty easy too. Luckily the person behind ticket counter converse English well... get our 5pm bus ticket towards DALI. Top up our food ration since it going to be a 6 hours bus ride. :P


The tiring bus ride ends at midnight. We took taxi right after getting our bags at the bus compartment. It took around 30 minutes to arrived at DALI Ancient City. 

I never thought that I would visit here again... hanging out at the same place. Even the hostel owner recognize me after all the years, how cool is that! Strangely I felt at home... getting hot chocolate and spending my new year watching other traveler playing billiards. 

Right after I putting out my cigarette at the ashtray... I lay down in my room and took a well deserve rest after a long journey.

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