Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Day4] Chao Praya

Lazy and Excited.
We woke up late today, it has been 4 days in a row of tiring morning . Catching flight, sunrise at Angkor and van towards Bangkok. I think we deserve this... took our late breakfast in one of Soi Rambuttri alley. Then, walk towards the National Museum.

I haven't visited Bangkok for quite a while. Took a stroll along the steel gates of National Museum, stops an took a glance over Sanam Luang Field surely gaining back the excitement when I visited Bangkok for the first time.

Then we go towards Hua Lamphong Railway Station. It's my transit hub from Butterworth towards Nong Khai before entering Lao. Those days, cycling tour is the thing. Crossing the friendship bridge passing through Lao Immigration and cycle towards Vientiane. Missing the spontaneous way of traveling, but hey... now it became even better. Having your wife to tag along, sharing the adventure together.

Having your close friends to share the moments, it's a dream come true. And usually it took about months of story telling when returning back from travels. But this time, the job spread to 4 people. :) hahaha...

Owing to the fact that we miss our flight on 26th, we miss our visit to the weekend market at Chatuchak. So, before fetching both famy and dura at Don Muang Airport. We took train towards Chatuchak Market just to get to feel of it, hahaha... all shops seems to be closed from outside. However, It's 11am, we don't want to miss famy arrival. So we took cab towards Don Muang which is NOT that far from Chatuchak.

I have this immense feeling of meeting both famy and dura. Excited and curious on their first ever adventure traveling. Hoping that I'm Not going to surprise anyone including Ain on unexpected adventure we going to put ourselves into. But hey, I'm optimistic that everybody is going to have fun.

Both famy and dura arrived afternoon with an hour gap. We took cab towards Soi Rambuttri for them to check in and have a quick lunch. This is our last day in Bangkok, tomorrow we're heading towards Kunming in the morning.

What can you do in Bangkok if time is NOT on your side?

We headed to Phra Athit pier for a boat ride. There's must be a reason Bangkok holding the title 'Venice Of The East', there're going to be lots of interesting sights along the Chao Phraya River. We spend 500 thai bath per person for the boat ride, then  I realized that we charter the whole boat.... hahaha awesome.

The boat venture along the Chao Phraya river passing under Som Dat Pa Pin bridge before heading through Bangkok noi. The river and canals are organized/managed like a proper city road... river name and canals are properly named and it looks exactly like a road sign. All types of houses beside the river have their own jetty OR verandas to hang out... how cool is that!... some of the houses have a garage for boats. We passing through temples, government buildings... lots of barge. We, even going towards much more smaller canals... it is beautiful and the locals are super friendly.

One of the popular tour in Bangkok related to river is the floating market. We didn't manage to see one live, because you need to do it early in the morning. But, we stopped at one even though it's closed. Talingchan Pier was pretty much closed... only few boats selling fish and snacks. But we managed to get a cool group photo at the train steel bridge.

We return back to Phra Athit Pier before dusk. Chao Praya was beautiful during sunset... overlooking the arrays of buildings in the Grand Palace complex. Barge and tourist boats crossing each other paths... again we passing under the huge bridge og Som Dat Pa Pin.

Then we walk towards The Grand Palace. It was decorated with lights along the walls. And from afar we notice there's a lights exhibition shooting towards the sky. Bangkok seems to have a lot of thing going on that night.

It was a lovely day... we felt that we done pretty much touring with a minimum amount of time. Before calling it off for the day, we venture along the famous touristy Kao San Road and ended up at a very delicious seafood joint called Panni.


next Day 05 ;)

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