Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Day3] Border Crossing

Our van leaves Siem Reap around 6am in the morning. I'm a little bit tired and sleepy. But, pretty stoked to discover and experience the journey towards Poipet again, with proper asphalt. The van was pretty comfortable, with a bunch of friendly Europeans.

The journey towards Poipet is flat. The road is on top of a Levee or dikes, both left and right along the journey is padi field, as far as you can see.

We have fast experience driver, felt like we board in an ambulance. Swifting left and right to avoid potholes. But I manage to take a speedy nap to endure my tiredness. To my surprise it took around 2 hours to reach the border, compare to 7 hours journey on my previous visit to Siem Reap. Awesome.

Waiting for transport towards Bangkok (border Aranyaprathet)

After immigration office on both side, a thailand registration van took us to a small restaurant to sort out all the passanger to Bangkok. We just chill out, have a drink and biscuits. After an hour our van depart towards Bangkok. It took us around 4 hours to arrived in Bangkok including lunch and rest stops along the way.

The good thing about this van ride, it stops near to Khao San Road/Rambuttri. It's just a few steps from our accomodation.

Soi Rambuttri
Sheepy The Traveler
After having our dinner, we took a stroll along Soi Rambuttri and surrounding areas. Visiting an open market at Phra Athit Road. It's Ain birthday eve, we manage to get a claypot cake (never seen one) for her birthday celebration.

Ain Claypot Birthday Cake
Get a few candles at nearby 7eleven and celebrate at our hotel courtyard... just the two of us.

So, this is a short clip our our journey from Siem Reap to Bangkok.

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