Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Compilation of photos, video and journal

Got lots of photos, video and words need to be compiled and share. Siem Reap was cold in January, Khao San/Rambuttri is busy as always, DALI is always beautiful and relax, Emie is new to me... the view was spectacular but the crowd is something else. Chengdu... CrazyBone hostel is the place to be.

As I mention before, this journey is new to me since I traveled with another 3 person. Abvious difference is I ate alot compare to one day meal on my previous venture. But, you'll never get alone and always instantly have somebody to share.

Ain was great, she can stand the cold... the rush, the uncomfortable of travel... really2 proud of her. Famy and dura seems to have a good time especially at DALI... ask for me, good thing I didn't get sick. :P

Planning to compile al the videos as daily video journal (inspired by Fun For Louis). At the same time write down any memories during the day. For the time being... enjoy the summary from our journey from Siem Reap to Chengdu.


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