Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Packing for Siem Reap to Chengdu

Every travel starts with deuling stages of packing. :P Mix emotion feelings of what things to bring and what to wear always a challenging task. Having a light pack is crucial, packing light is an advantages and packing smart requires skill and experience. Having a long journey doesn't mean you need anything in your closets, have a short journey doesn't mean you need to leave everything behind. The key of this process is knowing where you go, seasons and aware of activities that you going to involve in your journey.

My journey can be divided in to two scenarios. One are prone to monsoon seasons in SOUTH CHINA SEA and a peak winter season at SOUTH WEST CHINA. In order to explore during raining season and to ensure that you're dry plus NOT effected by the bone chilling winter season inYUNNAN region is a good TRI-CLIMATE JACKET and a pair of HIKING BOOTS.

Lenses, Main 60ltr North Face, Lowepro for day/camera bag, shoes, etc...
I jumble up all the equipments, bags, shoes... everything I could think of necessary for the journey. In the picture you'll notice two bags, two shoes, hat, toiletries, lenses and off course camera (I'm holding it for the picture)... gather up everything that you think you'll need for your journey.

Two bags means you need to sort out... your clothes, shoes and less expensive stuff in the main bag. While in your day bag, separates cameras, lotions, extra batteries, books and other small stuffs. Hiking packs, crag bags usually have a single compartment as a main storage area. I like to use separators to keep my things organized and for easy access. I will have a standby separators if I need to use it during the journey. You don't want to have all your things scattered in the main compartment left unorganized. Unless you're really in a hurry. :P

Separators for clothes, winter garments and boxers. :P
Then I'll used my packs low compartment to store my shoes. If you are using Crag bag (single compartment packs) just find a separators or a plastic bag (recycled) to separates your clothes and shoes. The best thing of low compartment is... shoes tends to get dirty and usually you'll need to change your shoes based on weather or walking terrain. Sometimes, hanging your shoes outside your bag can give disrespect to the locals. So... put your dirty and smelly shoes inside your bag. hehehe

Toiletries in front compartment
Having lots of compartment giving you the ability to access your things as fast as you can. However, disadvantages of multi-compartment bag is less security. You'll need to ensure all the zippers are locked... if you're OK running around without that, there's no reason to locked everything up at your packs. :) just be free.
backpacks on your left... center backpacks with rain cover and packs with PacSafe backpack protector on your right.
Rain Cover is essential to me. Apart from covering up for rain, avoid your things to get soaking wet... it enhances your security. If you packs have lots of compartment OR pockets... it gives the thieves/pick pockets a little hard time to venture in your things.

Then, the PacSafe Backpack protector... I've few cases where my compartments was vandalize during airport checkin. Lost few important things on my DAY1 of travel, so I get the BackPack protector just for airport check in... No more problems after that. But, you'll need to bare the weight of this protector. Another usage is when you need to left your bag off your sight and you traveling alone... this thing really come in handy.

So that's about the main packs.
I started using DAY pack when I've camera to bring along... previously, just a waist bag. Small and easy to manage. But, the advantages of having a day pack is that, you can carry essential things like food and light jacket if you wonder far from your hostel... hiking, or just a long walk.

Day Pack... GoPole, Book, Dry bag... camera + lens compartment
Previously I'm using ClikElite bag... but, when my camera equipment and lenses increase I use All weather LowePro Sport Series. Tested on bike trail during pouring rain on monsoon season, my equipment is dry. Use it during my JOURNEY TO THE WEST... it perform accordingly. Holding quite amount of load, including folding tri-climate jacket, tripod and a little snacks for a day adventure.

Lens Compartment
I'm starting with lenses, this bag can hold a professional DSLR with 2 lenses. I'm using Lumix GF1 micro 4/3... so, my advantages is can hold a camera with prime lenses and two additional lens at the same time. 

Holding your MacAir
Since, this bag is for sports... it can hold a hydration bag. But, I'm using the hydration bag to hold my MacAir... just incase if there's in need to online if my boss called up. 

Other accessories that I put inside the Day Pack is lighting and electrical item... 

INSTAD Ziplock, batteries, head light and standing portable light... yeah I'm a light junkie. :P
My trusted Day Pack
So, that's it... NOT in the picture is my tripod. Usually I'll locate my tripod at the compartment where I put my GoPole... 

Till then... skip the desk, explore, observe and learn.

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