Friday, April 26, 2013

The tenggilling... :)

I'm not a pro rider. I can barely do any tricks on this bike except pale boring jump hahaha... scaling down from a freeride bike to DJ Bike mainly because it looks FUN. :) hahaha and light. :P Have the chance hanging out with PCP boys in 2011~2012 makes me want one. Since, I was traveling back and forth between JB and KL... I thought why NOT. 

Unfortunately, times goes by and I realize that there's only a miniscule time between rest and work... most importantly I rather spend my time with my significant other. :) doing whatever she like. And my long awaited recovery from skating is NOT around the corner. So, I decided to sell it. :(

Again... the bike NOT interesting enough and cost a lot. No body want to buy it in a half thousand.... current DJ scene in malaysia is small compare to downhill, trail riding and huge... huge cross country.

Well back to your dent buddy. Will took you home in a couple of weeks...

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