Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ethiopia everybody??

Hi patches. Starting from today I'll try to dig anything about you... your past, present and maybe future. I have only 9 days including flight from KUALA LUMPUR to ADDIS ABABA to experience anything you can offer. Hopefully I'm able to cross any neighboring countries and return back to MALAYSIA from there.

Based on my brief web crawling forum and such. 9 days is NOT enough to rummaged through you. I need to carefully arranged time and itinerary to ensure 9 days is sufficient to understand most of you. 

LALIBELA and AXUM at the north is a MUST since religion, history and extraordinary landscape is something that I always look for abroad. However, down south SHASHEMENE always intrigue me... if the RASTA community is still happening. So, a mix of north and south then...

A - AXUM (axum to mek'ele is 191km)
B - MEK'ELE (mek'ele to lalibela is 290km)
C - LALIBELA (lalibela to addis ababa is 690km)
D - ADDIS ABABA (addis ababa to shashemene is 248km)
note: kilometers length taken from Google Maps. The journey from one place to another may took a lot of hours since it going through a lot of mountains and possibly bad road conditions.

  • DAY 00 - Fly from KUALA LUMPUR towards (D) ADDIS ABABA via BANGKOK. Cost per person for Economy around MYR4K. The trip would be around 7 hours.
  • DAY 01 - Hangout at (D) ADDIS ABABA for a day... prepare to fly towards (A) AXUM for the next day.
  • DAY 02 - Flight from (D) ADDIS ABABA to (A) AXUM. Cost about MYR1K per person. The journey is around 1 hour. Arrived at (A) AXUM check-in and plan tour for the next day.
  • DAY 03 - (A) AXUM
  • DAY 04 - Land travel from (A) AXUM to (B) MEK'ELE... 191km. took about 7 hours land. Possible journey starts morning after breakfast. Arrived.. check-in and discover (B) MEK'ELE. Plan for next day trip to (C) LALIBELA. note: travel journey hours are NOT confirm yet.
  • DAY 05 - Land travel from (B) MEK'ELE to (D) LALIBELA. 290km 10 hours drive... note: travel journey hours are NOT confirm yet.
  • DAY 06 - (D) LALIBELA
  • DAY 07 - Land from (D) LALIBELA to (D) ADDIS ABABA... 674km... it took around 2 days via KOMBOLCHA.
  • DAY 09 - (D) ADDIS ABABA return back to KUALA LUMPUR. MYR4K for 7 hours.

yikes... I missed SHASHEMENE. Need to read and study more about the terrain and travel time. Till then... 

ETHIOPIA awaits.

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