Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Revamp & housekeeping

Hi readers (macam banyak readers aku kan. :P). I just simplified my labels/tags or blog contents to

  • Bebelan
  • Beskal
  • Music
  • Plague
  • Sk8WheelDirt
  • Travel Log

Circle simplified label.
So, it easy for you to browse in my blogs for specific topics. There're NOT going to be any post with more than ONE topics. Again the blog will be written in MALAY & ENGLISH... ;) maybe consecutively or random. Depends on the mood.

Based on the labels, as you can see all writing is about travel, music, my band, skate, rollerblading and bicycle. So, if you have the same interest maybe some of my writings will entertain, give ideas of share information.

What is BEBELAN?. Bebelan is a random writing about anything non-specific/non-interest item or anything that cross my mind. Recently I write about big fast motocycles, or gear... or about family and a mixture of anything under those specific labels.

BESKAL? beskal is Bicycle... write down 'BESKAL' just for fun. The right word for Bicycle in MALAY is BASIKAL. You'll find mostly trail riding, ride around town or any other town or any other trail anywhere. :P hahaha... you won't find dir jumping, freeriding, DH or even cycle tour in here. Cycle tour are transfered to Travel Log.

MUSIC? anything about music... gear, guitars, bands, labels... live performance. Except PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS stuff. :)

PLAGUE obviously anything about PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS

Sk8WheelDirt anything about skateboarding, rollerblading or dirtjumping, dh or freeriding... if I found other interesting sport near future. It will be placed in here... balls digging???

TRAVEL LOG. Nah... this is the core of my writings. Everything about travel, backpacking, cycle tour... travel gears will be in this label. I created this blog in 2006 to write about all my travel adventure. This is EPITOME OF DISTANCE is all about. Hopefully all the information given here will encourage you to do the same. Learn other culture and gain respect of all human kind.

Well that's all for now... I'll try to complete the JOURNEY TO THE WEST PHASE TWO by this week. Be safe, thanks for checking out my blog. Is an honor. :)

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