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Thailand Road Trip Day03

December 26, 2012 | 4:45pm
La Casa Restaurant, Ao Nang Beach, Krabi, THAILAND
La Casa Restaurant
Walk in towards HOSTEL/HOTEL is just as adventurous as the journey... we just need to wait almost 5 hours to check in. Luckily there's room to accommodate us while almost every traveler flooding over AO NANG beach for NEW YEARS CELEBRATION. So, I'm killing the time with writing... :)

We started our journey from HATYAI around 7am... having our breakfast along THANON PHETKASEM road. Again it was a simple muslim restaurant... having a ROTI PRATA in THAILAND is a new thing for me. :P never heard siamese people flipping ROTI before.... for me ROTI will always be a INDIAN cuisine. Surprisingly, the ROTI was very soft and delicious. hehehe... we consume 3 pieces each... and a small coffee'..

Breakfast before heading towards Krabi
Heading towards AO NANG Krabi will fill my curiosity about the road condition... will it be 2 lane highway like we experience since we enter THAILAND from BUKIT KAYU HITAM?

From HATYAI we drove towards PHATTALUNG... not more than 100 clicks... the road condition is marvelous. It was a 2 way highway... passing by small villages. Before reaching PHATTALUNG there's a intersection towards TRANG... turning left towards TRANG is another 60 clicks. The road become much more smaller... however, the road shoulder is still wide for motorcyclist or cyclist. So, again... cyclist tourer... your call.. trees will accompany you along the way. Whenever the weather is too challenging... the ride should be very pleasant.

Driving towards Phattalung then Trang
Just after TRANG wildlife sanctuary... the road shrink to a single-two-way road. Crossing mountains... winding roads NOT more than 20 clicks before it became flat again. Right before reaching TRANG the road became 2 way highway back until reach KRABI...

crossing the mountains from Phattalung (East) to Trang (West)
Make a quick stop at KRABI for lunch and a short visit at WAT KAEW TEMPLE... and ask for direction towards AO NANG. LONELY PLANET have few information about driving towards AO NANG from KRABI... our maps doesn't have AO NANG in it. :P hehehe...

Lunch at KRABI
Wat Kaew Temple
We drove towards PHANG-NGA... right after exiting KRABI there's junction towards PHANG-NGA, PHUKET and SURAT THANI... turn back towards KRABI... check out junction on the right few kilometer ahead for AO NANG...

........ check in. :)

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