Monday, November 14, 2011

Weken POst..

Last weekend was extremely awesome. 
On 11th Nov, I took half day off to accompany one of my best-friend IPIN wedding. Azmal took one and a half medical leave to join in the fun. :) after friday prayer Arab (plague guitarist), Azmal, me and bridegroom headed to taman kemas at kempas for the ceremony. We stayed over the evening between nausad house and the brides house. It's a form of plague gathering... it's has been awhile since I met azmal... 

Slamat pengantin Baru!

Saturday... azmal and I drove to singapore to buy my new camera bag. Its the last shopping spree before I headed for my 'Journey To The West'. Changing one of my lens filter... a new tripod. hurm... luckily this is my second time traveling to freezing cold country... so, I didn't spent that much on equipment.

I'm about an inch far of buying the Sunnto Core watch... lucky I didn't. I cost about SGD600 and I only travel once a year... so its NOT a good investment. :P

We wondering around singapore until 5pm... and miss 2 wedding ceremony and 1 birthday party. huh. :P sorry guys... need to set my travel up on my top list priority. Preparation is one of the most important things that need to done properly.

Lowepro Sport 200 All Weather. (AW)

After that I rush back to Pasir Gudang for Plentong Epic ride preparation. I supposed to bring the club generator and canopy, and abg ali waited me for hours... sorry. :( 

I reached the base (Check Point Three) at 11pm... haish.. but that night we have a great time. Myself, Wak Leh and Abg Ali camp at the check point for the day to take care of the base supplies.

Credit to: Mlake ( Mohd Alfishahrin)

Woke up around 6am... It was beautiful up here in the morning. The guys from HQ bring 'nasi lemak' and 'nasi goreng' for breakfast... thanks!... added with abg ali coffee... huh.. it does make everybody at check point three kind a hype.

Lond, CikMan and Atoi having fun under the blazing sun. Credit to: Mlake ( Mohd Alfishahrin)

The close up for Check Point three ended at 1:30pm... it was extremely fun!. Everybody have a good time.. I return home straight after that exhausted. :)

Check Point Three! Credit to: Mlake ( Mohd Alfishahrin)


emceejalanan said...

berturut turut camping sakan!\m/ jemput bdk2 tu pigi awan mulan nanti! :D

Nas Plague said...

hahahah tuler.. naik bedengung kepala tido dgn nyamuk... :P