Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 days...

Another 10 days to go.

Travel... despite of having limited time, envying each and every soul who travel the world for the rest of their life. I'm really grateful for the chances that I posses. It always playing in my mind that 'if I can do that' thought... experiencing different public transport, different house motifs and architecture, different culture, different religious places, different languages, different faces... etcetera and etcetera. This life manifestation teasing my thoughts everyday... can that consider to be a goal in life? in reality... can it be done? will it be a profession?

Whatever I do... It always comes out trying to reach the best place that the creator and the prophet had to offer. Soul searching... maybe. I admit that I'm NOT a good person past, present and maybe future... trying hard to be high-minded person. But, the journey towards that NOT always smooth, as desire for everything is like a wind that always murmurs through the trees. Sometimes it blew hard and almost instantly you felt it... but always it is like a breeze touches every twig and every leaves in between.

This daunting enigma always fidgeting my mind, whenever I fell asleep, working, laying down looking at my guitar figuring chords and tunes... not a single freedom achieve, not a single words transcends... keeping in my mind NOW trying hard to always leveled with life. Being virtuous is bleak... however, by maintaining soul could possibly or definitely the answer towards hope. Each and every steps taken brings confrontation between logic and faith together.

The journey between places always have something to offer. Always teaches me about life and about sincerity. Luckily most of my travels give me endless thought of how I should live my life. By far, it is the best way to learn about the world and most importantly about yourself... Experiencing it first-hand.

The sights.
The sounds.
The smells.

It's like hyperactive kid running around your state of mind... :P insane.
Now I can see mountains...

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