Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Day1] Sunset at Kampung Phluk

Unfortunately we miss our flight to SIEM REAP on Dec 26, but managed to boarding the next day... courtesy of AISASIA. Why? I don't want to brag about my unconscious state of being during our name being called out for boarding. But still I want to blame LCCT management for putting the gates too close to each other and every attendant want to shout their passanger name at the same time. In the end I'm became the victim of 'plane-gone-away-without-me-have-the-chance-to-be-in-it'... :P

well maybe I just careless.
Ain was pretty excited when we reached SIEM REAP. Ask for me, I'm pretty curious what changes have been made to SIEM REAP since my visit on 2006. From my point of view, American Dollars seems to be dominating the currencies exchange from Cambodian Riel. Mostly for tourist I guess, and retail stores still stick with American Dollars compare too small shops and restaurant.

I see more asphalt roads, that's a good sign. Something unusual thing that struck me is the weather. Somewhat the weather is cooler that I aspact it would be. Even, the locals claim that they're NOT used to this weather shift. Global warming nor artic shift it benefited SIEM REAP for tourism I guess, since we can wonder the sites all day long not worrying about tropical heat.

Time running short. We have only two days to wonder sites and interesting places near SIEM REAP. So, the first thing we do is cycle around the city. Cycling straight towards Siem Reap River, then stopping by at Psar Cha'ar. Its a bazaar, dry and wet market under one roof. You can find lots of sourveniers, silk, craft, vegetables, spices, tea & coffee and nice skinned frog for meal. :P hahahaha... unusual for me, buy hey... it's cambodian thing, some other places eat cats and dogs. You'll feel disgust about it, but it is a cultural thing. Eventhough I don't feel right about it, I should respect that right.
Then around 2:30pm we took tuk tuk to Kampung Phluk. My first Siem Reap visit, most of the houses was floating. I believe it follows TONLE SAP tides. Whenever, the tide high all the houses will float near land village. During that time you can determines the nationality/races based on their floating houses. However, when I reach Kampung Phluk, I realized all houses now were build on stilts. I could find only few houses still floats.

However, before reaching the edge of TONLE SAP, I could find that it became too touristy. If the amount of wealth being shared with the villagers, upgrading infrastructure then the attraction would became worthy. If not... it's sad.
Beside the bustling sound of the boat engines, it is almost serene experience waiting for the sunset. It surely very relaxing and beutiful.
Returning from the sunset is an different experience. It getting pretty dark when we reached shore. Too many boats in the canals, the situation become uncontrol and hectic. We even washed by a sudden splash from one of the big boats propeller. Uncomfortably the night was cold and an hour journey back towards the city soaking wet by tuk tuk is something that you don't want to experience twice.

Nevertheless, the experience gave me something to share and apart from the soaking wet and uncomfortable experience. The visit to Kampung Phluk is something that everybody should do when they come to Siem Reap.

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