Monday, February 17, 2014

Plague Of Happiness Indonesia Tour Final Webisodes

Plague Of Happiness 8TV Quickie | February 16, 2014
It was fun, grew up together. play music together... share moments and history together. After all these years, being in a band expose me to a lot of difference interpretation of life. I guess I need that to get out from the norm daily 9 to 5 kind a life. Yesterday was a blast, even tough we spend less than 15 minutes live on television... it's a different kind of perspectives of life. I'm grateful to have this kind of experience. At our most humbling moments, we never thought that the band would be at this level. Still holding to our daily jobs, still traveling... still having the chance to rock any stages.
Hopefully, by releasing our 1st single for 2nd album will bring us closer and stronger. And kickstart our engine to complete the album within this few months. Excited? yeah!
Meanwhile, checkout our two final tour webisodes. Our first single called FEBUARI, and the songs commemorate all the goodness, friendly and outstanding musicianship of Indonesian music scene.

Malang is an great place to be. Great friends and beautiful mountains, great food too. We felt that Malang have a great collection of great SKA and SKA PUNK bands. It's like a concentration camp... pretty stoke how friendly they are. The bond that created in Malang, will forever be strong years to come. Shout out to Indra, Lucky, Theo and everybody in MLGSKA... awesome positive vibes.


We arrived pretty late at SIDOARJO, the gig already started. It's the home of super cool and talented SUKU DALU. Reggae & Blues never seems to be so fine blend by SUKU DALU. Nothing can top that!... one of the members KOMBAR, setting us up for a jamm session. We managed to hanged out a little with Sidoarjo kids, changing idea and sharing experience. All I can say, Sidoarjo is pretty hardcore when it comes to music. They keep it grounded and tight... the family is strong. We're honored to be able to play a couple of our tunes in Sidoarjo. Thanks for the friendship and support...

Heading towards SURABAYA
We can't hangout a little bit more in Sidoarjo after the show because our flight going back to Malaysia is early in the morning. All the stuff in the bus need to be sort out and packed carefully for the journey.

Heading towards SURABAYA, is the end of our Indonesia Tour (Java Island tour to be exact). We park the tour bus in the airport parking space midnight and rest for tomorrow. I Myself, took my sleeping bag and sleep on the asphalt beside the tour bus,  because I have enough sleeping on a back-breaking bus seat for 9 days... :P

Before departure, took loads of pictures with all the team members especially Kiki, Toge, Yudha and Atep. We couldn't do this without them...

I personaly miss the tour and the moment.
Let us pray for another one.

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