Thursday, November 14, 2013


Well, newest updates on the end year travel project. Not able to venture through MEKONG river, the time table is NOT certain. I would do it if I have more time... sigh. Currently, the time frame are NOT more than 13 days. I like to spend more time in between journey, passing through unknown village and meeting people. But, if you traveling in a group... balancing the interest and requirement among traveller is important. So, some itinerary in the new plan is quite interesting. Never been to EMEI and LESHAN before so this journey is quite intriguing for me too. Usually I'll travel alone or with another companion, but more than two person is new for me. So, this ought to be challenging and exciting.

Itinerary: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Siem Reap (Cambodia) - Bangkok (Thailand) - Kunming (China) - Dali (China) - Emei (China) - Leshan (China) & Chengdu (China)
Taken out from Google Maps, the red line means travel by plane. Some fortunate people out there, might have the opportunity to done this by land. But currently, I'm tight up with time, money and safety. You going to make sure that everybody come back in one piece right? I think this going to be it... the plan.

Concerns, most of the time, I bet 40 % to 50% of traveling cost comes from transportation. By air or ground, it took a lot of you budget portions. So, take the promotions on AIR travel is going to give a huge impact on your overall travel budget plan.

AIR traveling cost. Budget in RINGGIT MALAYSIA.
As you can see, these cost consist of promotion period done by AIRASIA November 2013. Both BANGKOK & CHENGDU are sets on the lowest fares done under the promotion end on November 24, 2013. Secure your AIR ticket as soon as you can. The cost might be increase about 30% out of the promotion.

Ground cost including meal, transport, hostel & sights... total in respected foreign money 
Another important cost analysis is on your ground cost. Plan your itinerary, make an option and decide which one is much more appealing and interesting. Most important within your budget constraints. You don't want to be stranded at some foreign places with foreign language without shelter and food right... some people might host you for a couple a days. But don't take chances.

In my early years of traveling, I'm preparing Travelers Cheque before depart... for security. But, when I started to venture to remote places, Travelers Cheque is NOT that convenient. Bringing CASH is somehow have a huge risk. But, so far... my bad experience is only at BALI early 2013, happens at money changer in the Poppies Lane Alley. So for the time being I stick with cash & credit/debit card. Although I rarely used credit/debit card during travels, having them to put me at ease if something happens.

So, how to avoid scam, robbery and lost lots of money during travels? plan is the key word. If you can pay in advance your ground tickets, accommodation... do it advance. It will minimized the amount of CASH for the whole journey.

For this trip, based on the table stated above I need US Dollar 230, Thailand Baht 6,000 and Chines Yuan 1,600.. approximate Ringgit Malaysia 2,140. Noted that I didn't secure any hostel yet. Will proceed after we confirm the traveling party. :)

So giving the the idea of the whole journey. These are the interesting places that we going to visit...

Bangkok, Thailand
Emei Shan, Sichuan, CHINA
Chengdum Sichuan, CHINA
yeah... now I feel like a travel agent. :P hahaha... safe travel.

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