Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Update links

Paying tribute to a great explorer. ;)
I was bummed to know that my idol is going to give a talk here in JOHOR BAHRU while I was away rocking SARAWAK for two days. Following him since his CHINA journey to his current ARTIC CIRCLE really gives me what I need to and how to document my journey, preparation and what not. So, anybody read this... if you're into scavenging and exploring the world please don miss this opportunity to meet him in person. Sure he has TONS of experience and beautiful stories to make you to re-think what you should do in your life.

Ever since I redesign EPITOME OF DISTANCE blog, ZAHARIZ blog links will always be there THE MALAYSIANNOMAD PROJECT. And recently he got a spanking new domain called MALAYSIANNOMAD for you thrill seeker out there. It's on a new format, more browse friendly... however if you're new to his world, please read his blog for details.

and NO a never meet him or contact him in person. Even comment on his facebook or blog... :P

Recently there's a fair amount of artwork from AZMAL (PARANOID OF DEATH) for DIRTY DONUTS...

It's an ART collaboration between 3 countries named MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE and INDONESIA... still evolving. Having the links on my blog to observe and support their growth to the ART world. Collaboration is utterly amazing as is will generates more ideas, and to the fact that they're from different countries surely we can expect more crazy ART from these. 

do check them out! DIRTY DONUTS.

Well I wish I could be part of this someday...

It looks fun, I think... rather than burning tires and serious throttle LOVE and who has the fastest bikes in town... my goal in this is still the same as backpacking in my early days, cycling tour and what not. Experience the journey and absorb anything between two spots. This suits me well... retirement plan I think.


Well that's about it for today... will update soon. Till then be nice to giraffe. :P

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