Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Super Tenggiling

This is my trusted 'tenggiling'. I've been riding this frame for about 6 years. After I return from 16 days ride in LAOS. Trade with the old MTB bike with the frame. It took a while until somebody help me to re-build it with the drivetrain and fork. From time to time, the wheelset changed, drivetrain, saddle, fork... I still ride with the same frame.

When I started, the bike was mainly for cycle tour. I tried to get in touch with locals more while travel, and cycling give me the opportunity to do so. Trying to absorb the culture of all the neighboring countries. Staying in rural areas. Get off beaten track. As the essence of my travel is the journey and will always fascinate me.

As time goes by, the bike became socially intact with my neighborhood. It's a mode of contraption. It is good to meet new people and helping them to embrace the art of bicycling. Naturally cycling gives me more friends regardless of their social status, race and religion.

And cruising into forest is a bliss.

Now... cycling send me love.

Thanks The Super Tenggiling.


Akmal Hizam said...

Couldn't agree more with you on cycling as a social tool.
I got new friends, and re-acquainted with long lost friends.
I do some charity through biking too, in a small way.
BTW, that frame is awesome. Surely you'll hang on to it for lifetime.
Keep on cranking!

Mlake said...

tenggiling da travel ke serata ceruk dunia. keep it up!

Nas Plague said...

lepas ni tktau nak touring mana... tak sure ada masa lagi ke tak. :P hehehe...

Mlake said...

ye..saya paham :p