Monday, February 24, 2014


2014 rig.
End of last year, unfortunately, my Mesa Triple Rectifier worn out during one of December 2013 shows. So, the dream of having '2014 rig' flew away with the amp. So sad, I really2 like the casualness of getting the sound I need and road worthy, tough guitar amplifier. But, can't help it when the crowd dance and stomp the power supply and footswitch effortlessly. I not sure to be angry or cry in pain. :P hahahaha...

So, to make a point, based on this situation, the organizers should control on stage rather that let anybody swarm the band equipment and mic for sing a long. Even, THE BUSINESS and GOLDFINGER only let their crowd be at stage on their encore. I felt pity for other people who came to the show to see the band playing live but only see the stage full with crowd. Not forgetting the band played suck since there's no enough space and always being interrupt by the swarming crowd. Well, It already happens, nothing can change that... I'm became the victim of improper stage management.

Other that that, my rectifier is running on 110v instead of 220~240v, (american voltage). Using a step up for tour actually a risk to the equipment. I think, if the amp NOT running anywhere, i.e recording... shouldn't be any problem. It makes the equipment pretty vulnerable. I'm talking from my inexperience in power voltage point of view. :)

Well I guess, It just that I need something to write and bragged since now I don't have any amp to played with. huh...

Going towards rackmount.
Ever since I used Marshall in 2005, I was intrigue towards rackmount amps. But, there's so few of them and too expensive. Taking into consideration, I need to have a 3 channel amp to accommodate my songs. For upstroke, for power chords and occasionally solo. So, my amp legacy has been a Marshall JCM2000 TSL and recently MESA BOOGIE TRIPLE RECTIFIER. Both, have 3 channel... both have sweet crunch and distorted clean.

Few years back, I've a debate about generates sound using volume and tone knobs at my guitar with one of my closest friend and guitar guru Rithan of Deja Voodoo Spells. Arguably can't get my hands fast enough to change between crunch and clean for fast Ska-Punks songs. But, he's right... after an intense practise, I manage to do so. Even, It helps me on my recent show at RTW13, when my rectifier fail on me... had to depends on Marshall 900s. Not perfectly done, but it really helps to distinct those 3 channel sounds just with one channel amp.

So, the question is... do I need those high end amps? 3 channel, with 150watts... for sure, this time I need those local power 240v equipment. No more step up hassle. Rackmounts, YES please... the band equipment getting bigger over years and having a compact and powerful amps is essential.

OR is it just me being too swanky... :P

The diagram above, was my dream setup. Scaling down only for the amps, pre amps, wireless (currently AKS 400) and power conditioner... I guess the echo pro and RJMs is too posh. And Mesa in Malaysia is too overprice.

So, my saviour now is RE10.
Never heard of it? Stay tuned for a one channel amp rackmount bliss.

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'Sorry membebel tak tentu pasal... :P'

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subangHC said...

Impressive! or you could skip everything and buy a hughes & kettner grandmeister 36! plus maybe an eq pedal,an od or a distortion just to get the right tone..cheers..more gear related blog posts pls! -subang hc-