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Purchase something online sometimes stressful. Most of the item on the amazon wont ship to malaysia... due for counterfeiting or credit card fault. Have been looking for BlackDiamond DEMON for quite sometimes. Well this is one of the advantages living near the border. You can just drive in Singapore and look for something and consider it a day/hour trip... and can do it again as you please. :P hehehe.

Well my previous post about travel is to scale down my pack. My concern is... most of us (working class malaysian) can take leave max 9 days. Consider weekend off day... then take 5 annual leaves from monday to friday. Then you'll get 2 saturdays and sundays for the whole trip.

I'm fortunate enough to be able take months paid leave to endure my traveling needs. However, that days soon to be over. But venturing out to other countries outback are still my ideal way of spending my leaves. So, I've decided to shorten my adventure... and make full of it. :)

BlackDiamond DEMON 36L

Likewise on my previous post. I need to change my pack, reduce it from 60l towards at least 40l. My search go down towards The North Face Prophet 40 of BlackDiamond DEMON.

Why reduce? I don't need to carry load of stuff for 9 ~ 14 days trip. Light packs makes it easy to explore more... it doesn't need a large space. Sometimes people pack more because they didn't plan their trips well, and some people just want to look cool carrying huge packs while they just spend max 5 days abroad... hehehehe. It's a personal choice. For me... my journey is the essence of my travel. So preparing for the journey is essential to me. Packs is part of that. :)

Why CRAG style packs? crag packs doesn't have lots of pockets. Since I used lots of separators, a single tube is sufficient. It is more secure then normal traveling packs/hiking packs. Less pockets equal to less possibility you bag prone to theft. nice uh?

Why DEMON? simple and light... prophet 40 is very unpopular around south east asia region. You'll find prophet 65 most of the time and buying online is a pain in the ass.

So again I took pictures just to share my thoughts about traveling packs and it is fun to be minimalist rather than carrying something you don't want or NOT that important. So, this might be a product review for DEMON too.

DEMON is a cragging specific pack. Most cragging packs doesn't have lot of pockets. For DEMON... it only have pockets on it top load. For pockets lovers... this might NOT be suitable for you. DEMON is a top load packs... like my previous The North Face Cresstone... DEMON top load is ZIP style NOT string pull to compress...

ZIP style top load (BlackDiamond DEMON 36l)

Typical pull string to compress top load. (The North Face Cresstone 60)

The advantages of ZIP top load is... easy access. Compare to string type top load where you need to tight it up and re-tight back again if you need to grab something on your main pack. However, disadvantages of having easy access is prone to theft. But, I found it way better for easy access if I decided to have smaller pack... and you can lock the ZIP. ;)

Packing comparison between 60l on my CRESSTONE and 36l on the new DEMON.

Packing on CRESSTONE (minus the yellow bag)

Surprisingly, most of the item above can fit in the new DEMON. However, books need to be reduce to one and I can't find a way to put my sleeping bag. Books problem solve since I'm NOT going to travel alone near future... if we decided to cross border... these books can be divide into another DEMON. ;) and I don't think at current age I will be spending outdoors again... hehehe I need to ensure my significant other safety and comfort. So, I ditch the sleeping bag... and hostel here we go!.

Packing on DEMON (toileteries bag NOT in the picture)

As you can see... most of the item on CRESSTONE is being reduce. I think this packing arrangement is sufficient for max 14 days in COLD WEATHER CONDITION. :) if warm weather places... the packing list should be reduces.

Black Diamond DEMON (I can hang my camera tripod at the DEMON)

So, that's about it. I'm very satisfied with my DEMON... although I haven't put into test yet. I know crag style packs is SUPER DURABLE. I just need to purchase rain cover for the packs incase of bad weather.

My opinions is very personal and based on my travel experience. If you found a better way... please do share.

And for the Working Class travelers... plan your leaves and read more before you travel. Envied at people who have the ability and capacity to travel longer period. However, It doesn't mean you can't experience what they experience. It just the matter of good planning and good information.

Don't stress yourselves on the itinerary. It the journey where you found the WOW factor. That's is the EPITOME OF DISTANCE.

Happy travel friends.
note: please mind my bad grammar... hehehehe sucks.

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