Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taylor 12 Fret

After several test on other model, it is obvious this guitar is something that I looked for. Each guitar manufacturer have a distinctive sound... each models have their own characteristic. Even each individual guitar with the same model have a little bit sound different (talking about acoustic guitar).

I've the chance to test Jason Mraz Nylon previous on NS72 model... and was blown away with the feel and tone... however, I think I have a little bit of blues inside of me... nylon is NOT suitable for that. I test a lot bigger models like 714ce series and 814ce series... it's NOT suitable for finger picking... :P

Taylor Guitar 12 fret

but later after I get the chance test John Mayer Martins'... it really hit me on the spot. For me, it has balance tone and easy playability. There's one 2nd hand unit at Ebenex... it was half the rack price. My hands are itchy to take it back home... arghh but I can't. So, since it is limited... the chances is very slim to have that guitar. I change to Taylor 12 fret.

I think it is small than the normal guitar, the midrange is balance... and I love the headstock. Great for any kind of styles finger picking nor flat picks... 

So I have decided. :)

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