Monday, April 23, 2012

Weapons Of Mass Entertainment

Not talking about any labels or entertainment management that working on Superheavy or Dave Steward or Joss Stone... I'm writing about guitars. An acoustic guitars to be exact. A simple setup with one musical instruments and a good vocal really fascinate me. Like listening to Norah Jones  and Sarah Mclachlan singing only with her Piano, or John Mayer or Jason Mraz only with their acoustic guitar... somehow in my humble opinion showing good and strong vocal and musicianship.

Starting with Bob Marley redemption song towards, Gregory Griffin from Bad Religion on his folk project... and recently the legend himself Jimmy Cliff working with Tim Armstrong on his EP. It triggers me to do something on my own. NOT even comparing/competing myself to the greatest, but just to fill in my curiosity, trying to expand my musical journey.

Since, I'm a big looser on keys or piano although I really2 like em'... acoustic guitar came in just nice. :P This is a long project... you might have chances to hear them or NOT.

I'm a geek in musical instruments. So, if I like em' I will try my very best to get them... :P cutting my traveling budget, staying at home... cutting my food... name it. But it going to stop when I have somebody to look after to. So before that... bring it on!.

From my humble opinion good musical instruments will perform better with age and because of that, their cost of ownership get high over the years. NOT forgetting, brand names and companies that has been working on it since 'the beginning', they have the passion and the skill to produce the best. And most importantly it looks good on you even though you're a numbskull guitar player like me. :P

I have several phases before buying something, especially when its a big investment. First of all, obviously observe PROS, and best reviews. Since, guitar is a personal choice... I partially believe there's NO best sounding guitar out there. All based on individual... I never have the chance to test all. But since 2007, I've been working my hands on singapore based guitar MAESTRO... its nizam (STUDIO 47) studio guitar... a little bit of YAMAHA and MARTINS... throughout 2010 with STUDIO47s TAKAMINE... the urge of getting my own is encouraging.

I'm kind of person who doesn't like to invest something that I don't like and NOT being thankful of it. I rather wait for years investing on something that I like... and never talk about anything else BUT my investment even thou it's a pure crap... hehehe.

Recently I've been checking out TAYLOR guitars. Even writing to them about my intentions. So, based on their recommendation I should test few models before making any investment. Previously, I've test Jason Mraz model at SINEMAX Singapore... it was based on NS72ce model. I was blown away by the tone, comfortability and surprisingly its loud... the neck is NOT as wide as normal nylon flamenco guitars. They claim that TAYLOR nylon guitar was a good transition for steel string player changing towards nylon... and I personally found it true. Cosmetics wise... I really fell in love with the headstock. :)

So, I'm in dilemma. Love the taylor nylon sound and headstock but sometimes I like to bend the strings for blues... nylon is NOT known for that. So, browsing YouTube for solutions... and just this year Taylor launch 12-fret guitars... steel guitar joining at 12th fret with Nylon style headstock... I'm stoked. You can check out COHEED AND CAMBIRA acoustic performance at NAMM... sometimes claudio using 12-fret in certain songs. Putting Taylor advise aside... I'm checking out 12-fret at Bentley last Saturday.

Taylor Guitar 12-fret

The standard 12-fret model in the website cutaway body... however, I only get chance to test the non-cutaway model like the picture above. Like any other steel string Taylor above 400 series... they have shimmering signature sound which I really2 like. Its comfortable for strumming and finger picking... I even test it for open G tuning... and its sound really good despite the short fret and small body. However, it's really hard to play around fret 13 onwards... I don't know if the cutaway will solve the problem or NOT.

Since, there's a lot of Taylor on display I've the chance to get my hands on the advise model from Taylor.

Taylor 714ce

So here goes 714ce... in LOVE enough said. :) That Western Red Cedar top giving the guitar warm sound making you sleepless at night. :P huh... so, far this might be the guitar of choice... but I need to test the nylon again just to make sure...

Taylor NS74ce OR Taylor 714cd-N (new in 2012)

Taylor NS72ce OR 712cd-N (new in 2012)

Taylor advice to get Nylon... so, here the models. Bentley say that they won't bring in Taylor Nylon, need to check with Sinamex singapore for that... till then, if I have the chance to test the nylon and 12-fret with cutaway... I might conclude what kind of guitars that I need.

So, thanks for reading... if you have your own quest. Please share... I would like to know how you guys do it.

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