Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BatuKaras & Green Canyon

We flew to Jakarta for our friends album launch (MONKEY BOOTS) and visit close friends in Bandung... ended up going to Pangandaran. We hangout at BatuKaras. The place was awesome, having lots of water sports, surfing... have BALI vibe but extremely quiet. It's more relax and calm.

But highlights of my journey is The Green Canyon. Never been to caves before or any gorges my entire life. The experience is amazing... intrigue by the landscape, the journey (you need to swim in order to go to the far end) the story and experiencing this with friends is speechless.

Thanks Ugeng, Ikka & Ndik... for a nature/landscape/culture lover like me, It's a huge treat... I'll never stop promoting BatuKaras & The Green Canyon from now on. If you guys planning to go there again... do count me in. Hahaha...

Below is a simple video edit around my journey at BatuKaras & The Green Canyon.

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