Monday, October 24, 2011

New shoes.. new habit.

I've been embracing Flip Flops for quite sometimes now. I wear them anywhere I go... traveling (in warm weather of course), sometimes trail walking... driving.. it's my freedom feet platform of choice. :P hassle free, I felt mostly on the ground, east to wear, comfortable, dry very fast and cost effective. But, your feet easily cracked, dry and dirty... even in the cleanest city of Singapore. :P

I've tried Vibram Five Fingers before... it's light.. very light. Barefoot feeling at its most performance. But, it looks funny and increase attention. I don't want attention while traveling in the unknown city... it creates a lot of possibilities.

So, my traveling mood drives me to Singapore last weekend with Ipin (bandmates) for nice, light, dry fast, barefoot feeling shoes shopping. So, the shoes of choice might look like this... :) hehehe..

Looks neat right?...


I ended up buying shoes like this... :P hahaha

Yeah I know... I looks way different than the actual plan. But this is much... much much more better. It really suits me and suit my intended use. This is my first introduction to MARRELL... I've been embracing The North Face and Columbia for quite sometimes. This shoe really blew me away... the only thing that's bothers me is the color. Green is NOT my color... it's RED just in case you guys should know.

It really2 felt like wearing The Five Fingers... but minus the awkward fingers.. :P hahaha... MARRELL did a good job collaborating with VIBRAM for the outsole. I'm a great VIBRAM fan... instantly it caught my intentions when they put MARRELL on display... plus Ipin encouragement... BAM! I'm taking this baby home... put my Chuck Taylor in MARRELL shoe box... and test MARRELL right away... :) and all of a sudden I felt connected... :)

I'm taking you to the trip... Mr Marrell Barefoot.. I promise. ;)

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