Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thought Of Having One

Writing? Story? I’ve bee doing this previously, but I’ve nothing to say. Been thinking of putting my entire travel journal in one website but I’m to busy creating one. This is not a usual blog since I might NOT blubber about my lifestyle and life story.

I’ve been to places, alone… with friends and most importantly with my beloved, cute and most understanding wife in the world. J It’s a waste if it just in my head or writings in a word document of a piece of paper. Sharing the experience maybe will attract YOU to be in my world.

There’s no such thing of low class or high class people… you’ll appreciate others by knowing their culture and life style. Pack you backpacks and venture to other country and you’ll know what I’m talk about.

Check in my Blog… as time to time I’ll post my previous travel journal and current one as well.

Sign Out… nas

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