Monday, December 18, 2006

Cycling Nothern Laos (5)

Hualompong Train Station, Bangkok
Sunday (March 01, 2006)
Arrived in BANGKOK around 8am… still HUALOMPONG STATION is busy like we left it few days ago. Packed our things and cycle around BANGKOK before our departure to BUTTERWORTH on 2:45pm.

Cycle towards the city and hangout at SIAM PARAGON for awhile… spent a little more time there because of a JAZZ band playing at one of the complex foyer. Zul and I have this thing going on a live band… it seems catch our attention always.

At 1pm we cycle back towards HUALOMPONG TRAIN STATION.
Buy few snacks and instant noodle again for our 24 hour journey… and head of to our coach. But before that put our bicycle in the compartment coach. It’s where we meet DAN, also a touring cyclist and a special force fire fighter. We didn’t talk that much… until we reach BUTTERWORTH.

When the train starts its journey, I start to review back our trip. We miss Vietnam and Cambodia, because of New Year and time is very limited. However, there are a lot of memories back cycling up north LAOS. The pleasure of exhaustion, stranded in a village and a spectacular view of mountains, river, gorge and green forest… a friendly and helpful LAO people is something we would remember for a long time.

And zul blabbering about having NASI LEMAK once we reach the border… :P

Monday (March 02, 2006)
We reach PADANG BESAR around 11am…
After stamp our passport… transfers our bicycle to our seats because the compartment coach stops only at PADANG BESAR.

We arrived at BUTTERWORTH 4 hours after.
While I’m try to call Andy for our bus tickets, Dan meet us and ask about our idea to cycle along the PENANG bridge. Hmmm… tell you the truth I don’t know it possible or not. J I just create the story to make cycling in PENANG is something you can’t miss when you travel to MALAYSIA… hehe. Well, we start cycle to SEBERANG PRAI… the three of us. And hope that we can do it… hoping the authority will allow us to cycle through the PENANG bridge…

Considered we’re NOT lucky enough to make our dream a reality… the bridge authority give us a lot of reasons NOT to cross the bridge. Disappointed, and we don’t want to cycle back BUTTERWORTH to catch ferry to PENANG… begging the authority for an option and he help us to ask for a lorry driver to bring us across the bridge.

Thank god one lorry agrees… without any fees.
We hope in at the back of the lorry with our bicycles and a bunch of chickens… even though its sounds funny, I bet how many people experience PENANG bridge from a chicken lorry perspective. Very few… very few. Considered us the lucky ones.

Have our lunch at the GURNEY DRIVE, before 7pm we cycle back towards BUTTERWORTH via ferry. And meet Andy there.

Since its Chinese New Year, the bus station is jammed pack with people. Getting tickets during the day surely limited and expensive. Lucky Andy buys our ticket upfront.

At 9pm, cramp our bicycle with other stuff in the bus carrier and departed to JOHOR BAHRU.

Tuesday (March 03, 2006)
Arrived at LARKIN bus station around 5am… we cycle back to PASIR GUDANG using via PERMAS JAYA bridge. Having breakfast at one of mamak stalls around permas and again reviews our journey and experience.

It’s a memorable journey; we hope that our next plan will be much more exciting then this. We continue cycle to PASIR GUDANG and reaches home and family before afternoon.

And the memory remains still.

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